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When a giant dragon came with a little girl, you can’t believe what the dragon did after that. Watch the video

Friends, we all know that the present is the age of science and social media. In today’s modern age people use many means of social media. Through such mediums people exchange various kinds of things and information with their saga relatives and friends. There have to be many people on such a medium. Many videos are currently seen on social media. Some of these videos leave a deep impression on people.

People like to watch such videos more often. Which is why so many videos are going viral. Some of these videos make us emotional while some of them are videos that make us think. One such video is currently going viral on social media. This video is about a giant python and a little girl.

Friends, we all know that python is a very dangerous creature. If a prey is caught, it cannot escape. That is why there is a lot of fear in the minds of people towards this dangerous creature. Whenever a python is seen in any place, people get upset because of its fear. But there is something different about this viral video that will surprise us.

If we talk about this video which is going viral, a huge python can be seen in the video. This python is roaming in the open. In Teva a little girl comes in front of him. Although the girl does not run away after seeing the python but the python changes its direction after seeing this girl. After which the little girl turns her hand on the python’s head. Even then the python stays calm instead of harming him.


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