The little girl, angry with her mother, told her father

The little girl, angry with her mother, told her father that she wanted a new mother, just read it once because

Kids have to be weird too. The issue of child mockery is going viral on social media from time to time. Just now a child got a wonderful name by singing the song Ka Pyaar Mera. Now this one girl video has gone viral in which she says I am fed up with my mom. I want a new mother.

After watching this girl’s video for two hours, you will be amazed at how such a great understanding can be obtained at such a young age. Many children have a habit of drawing good stories from the stories of adults from an early age. Whenever the elders are talking, they memorize some of the words and then use them to create a funny atmosphere.

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When children are annoyed, they say whatever they want in anger. The girl had demanded a new mother. The girl, angry with her mother, told her father that she wanted a new mother. In such a situation the father tries to persuade the child that the stepmother should not be brought.

Daughter says I want stepmother: Barfi TV, a YouTube channel from Uttar Pradesh, has uploaded this video which is going viral on social media. The girl in this video is about 3 or 4 years old. What could have happened was that his mother started asking his father for a new mom.

The girl said that my current mother is not well. I am very angry so you have to change mom. So the father jokingly asked, “What kind of mom do you want?” How about doing like Kareena? So the girl says I want a mom like Kareena Kapoor.

Bring me a mom like Kareena from anywhere you are. The father repeatedly explains to the child that it is not good for him not to bring a new mother but the child does not take the name of understanding. More than 5 minutes of video is going viral on the internet. The beautiful expression of the child and the repeated demands of the stepmother are bringing laughter on the faces of the people.

The baby sometimes even cries after listening to her father’s words. But friends who watch this video will double up laughing. Because at such a young age, such things are hardly understood. People are really liking this video.


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