Best Voice Typing Softwares

The Voice typing software is so much enhanced today, commercially it was launched in 1990s. At first it was very clumsy, slow processing for the early users.

The dictation technology is light years ahead. You just click on the mic and fastly it accepts the language with 90% accuracy. To improve productivity you have various languages to choose in voice-commands.

In this article we will show you different voice -to-text softwares. Try some applications or softwares to see the best results. Also we provide a detailed review of some best dictation softwares.

Apple Dictation

Available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS 

In the Apple’s built-in Dictation feature empowered by Siriships divisions of  Apple’s desktop and it’s operating systems. On the Ios devices, you can use it by pressing on the microphone on the keyboard. If it is off then  turn it on by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation  then create a keyboard shortcut to activate in the app.

The apple dictation requires internet and a time limit of 30 seconds for coupling of speech. To detach these limits you have to enable the Enhanced dictation which requires a local file in device so that you can dictate offline.


The GBoard app of the Google is an excellent app of the voice typing. In which dictation is included, so anywhere whether it is email, browser, text, document, the keyboard pops out. Again tap on the microphone at top right on keyboard and start speaking. Fastly it will capture your voice in text in seconds as you are talking to a translator. Also the app is very accurate. It is the only app that confined the “birdcast” website as they made 3 dictation errors. Also note that if you don’t  speak for 10 seconds the mic turns off.

In GBoard you also have option to personalise the app which helps the application to recognize your voice usage patterns and improve on them and it’s accuracy is increasing over time. The app is very good on not including the falters as a result for learning various speech patterns.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs Voice Typing has a dictation feature that is extremely accurate and easy to use,it is a Google Web Feature on Chrome to access the feature. Simply go to Tools > Voice typing and the microphone on left is up geared. if you are not active for 30 seconds then microphone is turned off. You can also do the process in slide ppt.

  ● Comprehensive duplicate finder and removal tool..

  ● Option to set scanning criteria

 If you need support or wanting the list of commands. There is a question mark icon for help search for the service or scroll down. Such as punctuation, text formatting, editing and move around the document.


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